Tentative Schedule Of Events

Please note that changes are still taking place and times may change without notice, so make sure to check your heats before you compete for the most accurate and up to date schedule times. If there are any schedule conflicts between this schedule and what is posted on O2CM, the O2CM schedule is correct.


Sunday June 16th 2019



Session 1

8:30 AM

Doors Open for Daytime Session
Pro-Am Ballroom Single & Multi-Dance
Adult to S3 Ballroom Newcomer to Bronze

Juv & Junior Ballroom All Levels
Juv & Junior Latin All Levels

Pro-Am Latin Single & Multi-Dance
Adult to S3 Latin Newcomer to Bronze


End of Daytime Session




Session 2

5:30 PM

Doors Open for Evening Session
Pro/Am Scholarship Ballroom
Adult to S3 Ballroom Silver to Open

Fun Jack & Jill Event
New Dance Mixer For All

Pro/Am Scholarship Latin
Adult to S3 Latin Silver to Open

9:45 PM

End of Evening Session